The New Space


This is New Space

The space technology and the economy linked with the space applications are going through a rapid transformation. This on-going process in a revolution, because the cost of satellites, launching those to space and the use of the data gathered by the satellites has fallen radically.

This is called New Space, and it is not only about technology. It is a philosophy of developing faster, better, using off-the-shelf products and usually doing this independently of governments and traditional aerospace companies.

These New Space companies as small and agile, driven not only by commercial purposes, but also by broader, more socioeconomically-oriented, motivations.

The need for hand and brains in these new space companies is increasing as the new companies are created almost daily and the new space related economy is blooming. According to the forecasts this is only the beginning.

The Kitsat is aimed for basic education about the space technology and giving a spark for learning more not only about space and spaceflight, but also technology and science in general. It is an excellent tool for STEAM education of the new space age.

It is based on popular Cubesat format – the small nanosatellites that originally were used only by the university students, but which are now used by companies as their main satellite platform. In addition to a satellite, the system consists of a ground station and pedagogic package.