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Buy a Kitsat!

The Kitsat satellites will be available from March 2019. We have four different possibilities for a purchase depending on your needs and budget.

Whatever is your choise, right now is the best time for buying: we offer radically low introductory prices!

1. One Kitsat

Oder a single Kitsat. It is delivered with a ground station, necessary software and basic eduware (core mission descriptions and related information). The software and material can be downloaded from our website.

2. Set of five Kitsats

This is an ideal basic package for schools and science centres: it includes five Kitsats and ground stations with an access to our online library. The satellites are delivered in a hard case.

3. Do-it-yourself

If you want to solder and assemble yourself the Kitsat, we can provide you with a set of the DIY kit. It includes all parts you need for the Kitsat and ground station, assembly guide and access to software and eduware bank on our website.

4. A subscription

This option includes specially priced Kitsats (one or set of 5) with software and eduware as in the other order possibilities, but added with an access to bank of special missions, additional educational material and videos, and also a forum for exchanging experiences with the Kitsat team and other subscription customers. The spare parts are cheaper for the subscribers and the newest updates are first offered to them.

Additionally we will offer in near future related products that make using of the Kitsats easier and more fun. These include yagi-antennas and balloon parts.

Contact us for the prices and offers: sales@kitsat.fi