World Challenge

Winning idea

The Kitsat has won prices – even before the official launch of the product.

The Quality Innovation of the Year

The Kitsat won the Quality Innovation of the Year 2018 in the sector of Education in the Finnish Quality Innovation of the Year competition.

Kitsat also proceeds to the international finals of the competition, held in Beijing, in 27th February 2019.

World Challenge Finland

The Kitsat team participated the World Challenge Finland hackathlon in August 2018 for winning a "ticket" to the International Space Station in late 2019. As the Kitsat is very hackable, the idea was to combine it with the spare flight model of the RADMON radiation monitor flying now in space aboard the Aalto-1 satellite.

We won, but because the sponsor of the price category has been placed in liquidation, the project is now on hold.

The project showed already the versatility of Kitsat and the possibilities of using it in professional missions as well.