Kitsat Team

The Kitsat Team

The Kitsat Team

Tessa Nikander

Nikander has background as a self-employed software developer. She started to build her industry knowledge from early high-school years, and her experience is mostly product-oriented. She has a degree of an ICT Technician, and currently studies Automation engineering as her major in Aalto University.

Her skills include product development, brand development, and management of software and hardware projects. Nikander is comfortable with financial responsibility, and currently works as the CEO of Eyon after leaving her day job at Slush. She is a founding board member of two student organisations; Aalto Artificial Intelligence Society and Aalto Space Technology Association.

Jari Mäkinen

Mäkinen is a science journalist and space educator who has been in close cooperation with Aalto university since the beginnings of the Aalto-1 satellite project. He works with the Education department of the European Space Agency and is following closely the space and space technology related education projects in Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia.

He is also the initiator of the KitSat project after seeing an urgent need for a modern, inexpensive and realistic space technology demonstrator that reflects the basic idea of the New Space economy – the existing education infrastructure is based mostly on “old space” and is either obsolete or too expensive for widespread use. Based in France, he is acting mostly on European level for his clients and cooperation partners.

Samuli Nyman

Nyman has an entrepreneurial background from high school years, as he founded his first company in 2015 with his partner Perttu Yli-Opas. He is experienced in processes and operations, as well as product development. In 2017, Nyman became the COO of Eyon. Since his freshman year, he has significantly contributed to Aalto Satellites as an organization.

He was the initiator of Aalto-3 project and began working as a project manager at Aalto University in 2017. Nyman is also exceptionally skilled in research and has produced research from his sophomore year.

Anna Sillanpää

Anna is a data- and design-oriented marketing specialist who has gained experience with B2B, B2C and influencer marketing. Currently Anna works at global information technology consulting company CGI as marketing specialist. She is working daily with marketing campaigns to drive growth, improve customer experience and constantly developing her technical skills. Space technology interests her and she sees Kitsat as an excellent way to educate and inspire people to enter the world of space technology.

Other support and contributors

Professor Jaan Praks of Aalto University has been giving support on product-related issues.

Additional members of the group are Bruce Clayhills, who has contributed to company PR, especially public speaking, and Alexandre Bosser, who has contributed to the product assurance.